Welcome to my homepage!

I am an aspiring mathematician / computer scientist, currently doing an predoctoral internship at the Laboratoire d’informatique de Paris Nord.

This page serves as my vita. You can also download a PDF resume in French.

Contact / personal information

Family name: Nguyễn

Given name: Lê Thành Dũng

Email address: nltd at nguyentito dot eu

Scientific interests

I am particularly interested in the possible connections between these topics. My current research is about using tools from graph theory in linear logic.

Professional experience


Publications and talks

A preprint on the connection between MLL+Mix proof nets and (unique) perfect matchings. (The DICE 2018 abstract above presents an extension involving edge-colored graphs.)

A summary of some purely graph-theoretic results stemming from my work (submitted to a workshop).


Software development

Academic studies


Programming projects

See my Github account and my Bitbucket account, or this page.

Achievements in competitions

Involvement in computer science teaching/outreach

Science popularization


As a member of the Prologin organization, I helped organize Prologin, a programming contest for people under 20 years old, and Girls Can Code!, a summer coding camp. I was


I used to contribute to ENS’s student newspaper.