Welcome to my homepage!

I am currently a math and computer science teacher (professeur agrégé). I have master’s degrees in math and in CS, and I have also done some research as a student.

This page serves as my vita. You can also download a PDF resume in French.

Contact / personal information

Family name: Nguyễn

Given name: Lê Thành Dũng

Email address: nltd at nguyentito dot eu

Scientific interests

I am particularly interested in the possible connections between these topics, and have worked on the relationship between edge-colored graphs and proof nets for linear logic.

Professional experience



Academic studies


Programming projects

See my Github account and my Bitbucket account, or this page.

Achievements in competitions

Involvement in computer science teaching/outreach

Science popularization


As a member of the Prologin organization, I helped organize Prologin, a programming contest for people under 20 years old, and Girls Can Code!, a summer coding camp. I was


I used to contribute to ENS’s student newspaper.